Thursday, November 1, 2007

Prophetic Public Pubs

I found an avenue to publish my view (by Faith in His Words through me) in the main local area newspaper online.

Certain articles, they open to post your comments & some more controversial subjects get quite a few hits!

And article, glorifying the hype of halloween & it's pagan rituals got me going, so here is what I wrote them:

Yes, jus like in ancient times (Look at Elisha & the false prophets of Baal & may other examples) Except now we must love & try to encourage repentence & forgiveness.

Satan and his fallen angels(demons), who rebelled again God & Jesus & the Mother Holy Sprit,,,decieve so many with their spells & fascinations(many through parapychological advertising)Using God's Beautiful Creation, Mysticism, Sex (Which God make, not satan), and the hunger for the Supernatural, & art & romance & adventure (which most churches sorrifully LACK) & of course the tricky fascination for evil,

All this, to gather the forces of antichrist & enslave their soulswhich blind themselves to the road to destruction.

However, behind the scenes, also,JESUS is gathering His Children of Love & Faith. His prophets & helpers. Warrriors of the Spirit-World & Zillion Times More Powerful Forces for the Battle of Armageddon which happens at the End of the 7 yrs of the antichrist New World Order. (the 1st 3.5 yrs will be a Peace Covenant for disputed lands in Isreal & Palastine---the last 3.5 yrs in Great Tribulation & persecution of all who refuse the mark of the Beast-666)So, guess who are the Victors at that battle!

Don't be a time wasting loser,Prepare with JESUS Now!

In His Love
me (note, many know who I am)

& Tks for Prayers of our work here!


mClay said...

Ay dA. very nice, AMEN!
I also love the pics you have posted there on the side..mAn I miss Cali
My love to every one

iVn (aka Eric) said...

O boy

A post

WOW, TYJ & Reee!